About us

   Thank you for visiting our site. We started this business with the hope of promoting and remembering the Viking culture that existed not so many years ago.

  The Vikings were seafaring warriors, raiders and explorers from modern-day Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland who ventured throughout much of the world during the Viking Age (roughly 793-1000 CE). They traveled as far east as Constantinople and as far west as North America in search of riches to plunder and fertile lands in which to settle. Many historians commonly associate the term “ Viking” to the Scandinavian term “vikingr”, a word for “pirate”. However, the term is meant to reference oversea expeditions, and was used as a verb by Scandinavian people for when the men traditionally took time out of their summer to go a “Viking”. While many would believe these expeditions entailed the raiding of monasteries and cities along the coast, many expeditions were actually with the goal of trade and enlisting as foreign mercenaries.

   In present day we see the Viking culture celebrated by Hollywood in many movies, the most recent being the “Vikings” on the History channel. We see many schools and professional sport teams adopting a “Viking / Vikings” as their mascot. There is even a town called Viking located in Alberta Canada.

   Although we are listing one item, new products are being designed and made for all Viking Fans. We are very proud of the quality and design of our product. Please take a moment to see it, if you like it buy it, you’ll be glad you did.